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India's Biggest Problem-Solving Competition HCL JIGSAW 5.0


Information Circular


Dear Students & Parents,

In todays competitive and progressive world, we see advancements happening at a very rapid pace. It is necessary to equip oneself with the necessary and critical skills, that are required in the 21st century.

One such important skill is Problem Solving and Critical Thinking. In every profession, in our everyday life, this skill plays an important role. Today, it is identified as a key 21st century skill.

These skills make you an efficient team leader, help you develop your problem-solving skills, encourages you to explore, research, negotiate, collaborate.

To encourage development of skills and to introduce our students to innovative lifeskills, we are happy to inform you, that your ward is eligible to participate in India’s Biggest Problem Solving And Critical Thinking Competition  -  HCL JIGSAW 5.0.

The aim is to identify and award India’s Top Young Problem Solvers.


This is an important assignment, and we encourage you to participate. There is NO REGISTRATION FEE. 

HCL JIGSAW 5.0 is conducted once a year. This year, over 60000 students are participating from schools across country.


  • Eligibility – All students of Class 6 to 9

  • Levels – 03 Levels (details as below)

  • Mode – All rounds are ONLINE

  • It can be attempted from laptop/ desktop/ mobile

  • For Round 01, dates - 02nd, 3rd and 4th Aug.

About Competition​

Round 1 – Problem Solving Olympiad, scheduled on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Aug

40 Minutes, MCQ-based Olympiad

30 MCQs based on Problem Solving And Critical Thinking.

It can be attempted, on any one of the days.

Top 20%ile per grade, will qualify for Round 2

Round 2 – Project Based Learning, scheduled on 24th and 25th Aug

Team of 03 students, from same grade, different schools will work on the given topic and submit the project in the given template.

​Top 5 teams, per grade, will qualify for Finale.

Round 3 - Finale – Jury Presentation Round - scheduled on 07th and 08th Sep

Team will prepare a power point presentation and shall present to Jury, online

About Student Rewards

The total prize purse is Rs.12 Lakhs for winners and finalists.

Winners:  One Team Per Grade - 12 winners

Certificate and trophy of India’s Young Problem Solver

Prizes worth Rs.70,000 per winner (in form of gifts and prizes)

Learning opportunity at prestigious HCL innovation lab

(One parent can accompany the student, Travel/Stay cost is HCL paid)


Runner Ups : 02 Teams Per Grade- 24 Runner Up
Prizes worth Rs.15,000 per finalists. (in form of gifts and prizes) and Certificate Of Appreciation


Participation Certificate - E-Certificate of Participation for each round attempted.

There is No Fees to be paid for any of the rounds. It is completely Free.

Learning video, sample questions and video session by industry expert on Problem Solving will be available in your dashboard, before Round 1.



If your school has advised you to submit the details to the class teacher, please meet the class teacher and submit your details.

Or you can click and register here to participate


Please note that you will be receiving important information on your registered email id from Twinning Owl and HCL JIGSAW.

For query and support, you can reach out to below coordinates, with your name, school name, grade and email id to

email :

mobile: 9818322204 or 7428200332

Best Of Luck

Happy Learning !!

A glimpse of Round 1 Sample Question. To view all sample questions, register now !!


Q1 : Rajesh observes that his plants seem healthier when watered with rainwater than tap water. Which would be the most appropriate next step to investigate this observation?

A. Accept this observation as a fact and share it with his friends.

B. Look for online articles about the difference between rainwater and tap water.

C. Design a controlled experiment comparing plant growth with rainwater and tap water.

D. Convince his neighbors to only use rainwater for their plants.

A glimpse of learning video for grades 6th and 7th. To watch the full video, register now !!

A glimpse of learning video for grades 8th and 9th. To watch the full video, register now !!

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Three Reasons - Why A Child Should Participate In HCL  JIGSAW 5.0


 Over 60,000 students from 3000+ schools registered for HCL Jigsaw across the four previous editions.


Participate and get an opportunity to showcase your talent at National Level

Prize purse of Rs.12 lakhs for Winners and Runners Up

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Project Based Learning Examples Of Previous Year


Winner Teams Of HCL JIGSAW 4.0


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