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The India Quiz - My India, My Pride - Edition 2.0

(Grades 3rd to 12th)


From the times of our old dynasties to later kingdoms, the freedom movement to modern India, there is a story in every aspect of our country- India, Its People, Its Culture, Its contribution to its people and to the world.

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It aims to ignite curiosity in the young learners, and nudges them to explore the glorious and magnificent wisdom, knowledge, cultural heritage, and traditions, of our country and to feel proud.

Students get a unique opportunity to learn, compete, win and to showcase their talent at a National Level

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School Enquiry

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About The India Quiz - My India, My Pride


Format: 50 MCQ, Per Round


Mode of Quiz: ONLINE, using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or Mobile


Duration: 40 Minutes. Attempt in one sitting, anytime during the schedule

Prelim Round

09th, 10th and 11th Aug

Top 50% per grade, Nationally will qualify to Finale

Finale Round

30th, 31st Aug - 01st Sep

Registration Fees: Rs.99/- (including taxes)

Schools can enable Individual Student Enrolments Or as Bulk Enrolments with us.

TnC Applies

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Unique Feature Of Edition 2.0

To encourage learning, the Top 50% of students, per grade, Nationally will qualify from Prelim to Finale.

Parent-Child Bonding - One Parent is allowed to participate with the child in the grades 3rd to 5th category, to encourage exploration, and learning and to imbibe the spirit of bonding.

Prelim Round - School Level Appreciation

All Participants will get an e-appreciation Certificate

Parent Appreciation Certificate (Grades 3rd to 5th Category)

For Schools with > 50 Participants

Topper Medal & Certificate to Top 03 per class

(for classes with > 15 participants)

 Topper Medal & Certificate to Top 01 per class

(for classes with 10 to 14 participants)

Finale Round National Level Appreciation

20 Winners – (02 Per Grade, Nationally) - Certificates of Exceptional Wisdom & Medals & surprise gifts.

40 First Runners-Up – (04 Per Grade, Nationally) - Certificates of Outstanding Wisdom & Medals & surprise gifts.

50 Second Runners-Up – (05 Per Grade, Nationally) - Certificates of Excellent Wisdom and Medals & surprise gifts.

Top 50 Certificates of Appreciation and Medals.

All Participants will get an e-appreciation Certificate

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School Recognition


School Certificate Of Honor & Appreciation certificate to Principal & Coordinating Teacher

Schools with Winners, Runner-Ups & Top 50,

Torch Bearer School Trophy, School Certificate  & Appreciation certificate to Principal & Coordinating Teacher

For > 300 participants

Torch Bearer School Certificate & Appreciation certificate to Principal & Coordinating Teacher

For> 100 participants

e-Participation Appreciation certificate

For >30 participants 


How To Prepare

The India Quiz - My India, My Pride is a National Level Quiz. The scope is focused on India only. 


Grade 3rd to 5th

General knowledge and current affairs, history, geography, famous personalities, art, literature, innovation, culture, UNESCO & RAMSAR sites, etc

Grade 6th to 9th

Explore Indian history, cities, kings & dynasties, culture, art, literature, personalities, etc of ancient and medieval India

Grade 10th to 12th

 General knowledge and current affairs and Indian history

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