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Inspirational Thoughts - The India Quiz - My India, My Pride

Dr. Skand Bali - Principal, Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet

As the head of our institution, I feel proud at the incredible success of 'The India Quiz – My India, My Pride.' It has been heartening to witness the excitement and participation of our students of grades 3 to 9. This online initiative not only celebrates our rich cultural heritage but also serves as a platform to ignite curiosity, spread awareness, and instills love and pride for our nation.

 I congratulate the organizers for their dedication and vision in creating such a meaningful and impactful event. 'The India Quiz – My India, My Pride' not only celebrates our past but also inspires our future generations to cherish and preserve our heritage. I look forward to more such initiatives that promote learning, appreciation, and love for our nation.


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