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Vision & Awareness

Brand Ideation : School Children & Vision

India has more than 200 Mn+ students across K12 and is growing every year. Ease of internet and access to online content, exploration for online educative content has become a very common trend among students over and above the regular book reading based studies.

A very high number of school students today face the issue of "Near Sightedness", Blur vision, Watery eyes, Headaches and much more.

A regular eye checkup, regular eye exercises can help correct these issues at early age.

Inviting Eye Wear Brands

As per NEP 2020, Healthcare is one of the topics. A Fun Learning awareness program for school students can help sensitize and spread awareness among students and parents.

Some possible modes can be Online Vision Awareness Quiz, Vision Projects, Online Educative Webinars, Drawing & Essay writings around Vision Issues/Solution, etc

Eye Wear Brands can reward students, provide participation certificates, provide Eye Vision checkup camps or provide discounts on eyewear products, Send tips on eye care, etc.

To discuss and know more about Twinning Owl brand engagements for schools and school students, drop us a line on or register at


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